Moving to South Korea for educational programs
Way To Korea
With the support of:
High quality education
recognized all over the world
100% admission statistics
our students
Special conditions for our students
under direct partnership agreements with universities
Experience of 10 years
of assistance with admission to universities in Korea


Advantages of education in South Korea
The highest level of knowledge comparable to well-known European and American universities
Education of South Korean universities is quoted all over the world
Education system: interactivity, technology, immersion in practice
The opportunity to legally live in the country and get a job with decent pay after training
High standard of living in our country, civil rights and freedoms
Affordable compared to studying in other countries
Excellent prospects to realize your dreams
South Korea is a modern city with convenient public transport and good roads. What is especially important for studying is that there is free Wi—Fi access almost everywhere. The Internet is one of the fastest in the world.
The state invests a lot of money in healthcare, and hospitals are equipped with the latest technology.
In addition, South Korea ranks 23rd in the Human Development Index. It shows the level of well-being, longevity, education, rights and freedoms of citizens of the country.
South Korea is beautiful, comfortable and peaceful. This is the 10th economy in the world, in terms of quality of life it is not inferior to Canada, the USA, the UK. The capital Seoul is among the top 10 safe cities in the world, and in general, the country has a very low crime rate.
High quality of life
The 3rd place in the ranking of the best cities for students is Seoul.
South Korea is a modern city with convenient public transport and good roads. What is especially important for studying is that there is free Wi—Fi access almost everywhere. The Internet is one of the fastest in the world.
Ideal infrastructure
What is the most effective way to learn a new language and culture? Of course, this is live communication with native speakers and the absorption of culture and traditions. Korea is an incredible combination of culture, history, sophistication and cuisine, but all this can be experienced only by visiting there.

Once in the homeland of K-Pop, you will definitely be amazed by this phenomenon and will be able to personally attend concerts of world-famous artists such as BTS, PSY, Blackpink, NCT and many others.
Experience and explore K-culture, including K-POP
The country with the strongest and most influential civil society in East Asia. Locals are friendly to foreigners, so you can always ask for help or advice.
Developed civil society
Seoul is one of the top 10 safe cities in the world.
People respect the laws and freedoms of others.
The minimum wage for 2022 in Korea is 9,160 won $7/hour.

The minimum monthly wage is $1,535.

You can earn enough for a comfortable life.
High salaries
Korea has the 1st place in the ranking of the most innovative states.

There is free Wi-Fi access everywhere, the Internet is one of the fastest in the world.
1st place in the ranking of the most innovative states (Bloomberg Innovation Index)
2nd place in the Human Capital Index rating (World Bank)
3rd place in the e-Government Development Rating (UN)
5th place in the Doing Business rating from the World Bank
South Korea occupies leading positions in the well-known ratings that characterize this country as comfortable for doing business:
Excellent business conditions
About the project

WayToKorea is an international platform that helps talented people move to South Korea with the help of an educational program for effective integration in society, professional realization and a happy life!

Unites students and universities to help get an education and make the move to South Korea


Advantages of WTK

100% admission statistics

All our students, whom we accompanied during the admission process, received an invitation from the university

Direct contracts with universities

We work together with universities to develop special conditions for obtaining grants / scholarships for talented students

10 years of experience

We have ten years of experience in selecting educational programs for students from all over the world

We help everyone

Based on academic education, desired course of study and financial opportunities, including students from CIS countries

What does the Way To Korea platform give you?

Immediately after signing a contract with us, you will also receive:
— detailed checklist of the list of documents;
— a memo for students on admission and relocation;
— a memo for students on preparing documents for a visa

Bonus for WTK students

The most up-to-date information on universities and the requirements they provide
Constant support and communication on all emerging issues
Assistance in the preparation of documents from and to
The community of those who have already moved to Korea or are just about to
All advantages of WTK: personal contacts with universities, special conditions for our students under partnership agreements with universities

We cooperate directly
with universities in South Korea

Korea University (Seoul) is a prestigious private university. It is one of the SKY universities, considered the three best universities in the country. It includes 16 colleges and 20 faculties.
Korea University (Seoul)
Samyuk University (Seoul) is a private Christian university, which is among the universities with a good reputation both in Korea and internationally. The university has more than a century of experience in training in-demand specialists and modern teaching methods.
Sahmyook University (Seoul)
Koryo University (Seoul) is a prestigious private university. It is one of the SKY universities, considered the three best universities in the country. It includes 16 colleges and 20 faculties.
Yonsei University (Seoul)
Dajeon University (Dajeon) is a private
developing university, which has received
the support of the Ministry of Education of Korea. A participant in a government-funded program, thanks to which he carried out a system of renovation of both the material and technical base and training programs, for which the best European and Korean specialists were involved.
Dajeon University (Dajeon)
Konkuk University (Seoul) is a private university that is among the top ten. The fastest growing university in the republic. Konkuk University has 58 affiliated research institutes, cooperates with more than 480 educational organizations.
Konkuk University (Seoul)
Seoul National University (Seoul) is the largest and most famous university in South Korea. The most prestigious of the national universities of South Korea. It belongs to a group of 10 so-called "flagship national universities" of South Korea.
Seoul National University (Seoul)
Sejong University (Seoul) is a private university located in Seoul, South Korea, known for its expertise in hotel and tourism management, dance, animation and rhythmic gymnastics.
Sejong University (Seoul)
We have listed here only a part of the universities with which we cooperate.
For more detailed information about any particular university, you can always contact us personally.

WTK is a partner of more than 35 universities

among the best in Korea. Direct contracts with universities allow us to offer students the best conditions, fast admission and the most profitable programs. Write to us and we will select the best option of an educational institution for you.
Admission options


Receipt from WayToKorea

study of all the features of universities and areas
lengthy preparation of documents
contact us
joint preparation of documents
fast and easy delivery
possible entry
The probability of admission is significantly lower
Receipt is fast, profitable and easy
• Missing important deadlines
Wrong choice of university / program
Duration: from 3 weeks to several months
• High risks of rejection due to lack of knowledge of the language, lack of competence in the preparation of documents and non-compliance with the requirements when submitting
• The need to provide the university with the original documents from the package for verification
• Full support and communication at every stage even after your move to Korea
• Higher probability of admission due to our direct agreements with universities and the reputation of WTK as a reliable partner
• Choosing the best programs and university for you
• The originals of all documents remain with you until you receive a positive response from the university
• Quick response from the university (sometimes after 1 day)
Way To Korea
5 steps to dream
Take the university entrance assessment
The system personally selects programs for you and gives recommendations for admission
We prepare documents for universities (this is not for the embassy)
Getting a visa
Start learning
Assess your chances of getting into university

As a first step for anyone wishing to enroll in a university in South Korea, a language program is provided. The goal of the program is to learn the Korean language at a sufficient level to enter a university. However, with a high level of language proficiency, an additional discount on tuition is provided, up to 50%

The program can be chosen with an academic bias, to obtain a higher level of knowledge of the language and the usual one. At the same time, the academic one also allows you to choose the hours of study, which is promising if you plan to work in South Korea during the study.

Standard Korean Language Program
10 weeks
4 hours daily (morning or afternoon, you can work)
Included cultural immersion classes
Additional activities: cooking kimchi, visiting religious places, traditional crafts, cooking national dishes, etc.
Student events
Academic program for university applicants,
with test preparation to
10 weeks
4 hours daily (morning or afternoon, you can work)
Included cultural immersion classes
Additional activities: cooking kimchi, visiting religious places, traditional crafts, cooking national dishes, etc.
Student events
CHECK your chances
of getting into UNIVERSITY
admission statistics of our students
Victoria Dylykova
Christina Pak
Alice Pak
Sabina Norsamadova
Natalya Cherkaya
Vyacheslav Pak
Hello, my name is Vyacheslav and I want to share about our experience of entering universities in South Korea. Before leaving school, many parents have a question about where their children will study ... there were several reasons for making the decision to study in Korea:
  1. As ethnic Koreans, we were glad that our children chose to study in their historical homeland.
  2. The ranking of universities is quite high in many developed countries.
  3. After graduation, we are sure that they can stay and work in South Korea if they wish. Finding the right university, as well as a list of necessary documents for admission in an unfamiliar country on your own, takes a lot of time and a bunch of incomprehensible questions that you don’t know the answer to. And friends recommended us to talk to Dmitry in Way To Korea. The Way To Korea team helped us choose a university, collect a list of required documents, submit them for consideration to the university and receive an invitation. The response from the university was received fairly soon. We entered two different universities, the requirements of each university were different and it was not easy to collect the necessary documents, but the employees of Way To Korea helped us in every possible way in all matters.
  4. When asked about the shortcomings of the work of your team and how to become better, my opinion is this. You sincerely showed that every student is very important to you and your work is result-oriented. I am very glad that we got to know you and we tell our friends about you sharing our experience only in excellent form.
Katya Shichinova
Especially, I would note as a huge plus, the approach that is carefully sought for each client. In my case, this caused great surprise, because. I didn't expect it to turn out so well.
I also want to note how employees are put before their work and their clients. We, I will say this, had quite a few unforeseen inconsistencies and problems that arose along the way, and what really inspires respect is that the guys did not just try to find some way out, but the best one that could be squeezed out of this situations. Also, the friendliness and quick responses of the staff are worthy of special thanks!
I chose Way to Korea, because at one moment I accidentally noticed the link exactly at that moment in my life when I planned to enter Korea. So he immediately applied.
I structured all the information on admission, helped me get to language courses in Samyuk in the shortest possible time (delays had already passed and, in fact, in a normal situation, I managed to submit documents and enroll, but thanks to direct contracts, the manager quickly got a response from the university) and, most importantly, they picked up university with hostel

I had all the documents on hand around June 29th. I received the invoice on July 1st.
Milana Yamaguchi
I contacted several agencies, but I liked the feedback more from Way To Korea

Detailed instructions on preparing documents, obtaining a visa, even a memo that includes such trifles as issuing a SIM card!
If I'm not mistaken, the response from the university was received within a week. At the end of August I turned to you, on September 1 I already paid for my studies, although the course starts already in December.

Liked everything! The information was given clearly, there weren’t even any questions during the process, and if there were, they answered very promptly and as detailed as possible.
Unfortunately, I did not immediately find Way to Korea and signed an expensive contract with an unscrupulous company, which subsequently tore it up and left me with nothing.
But one day, after I decided that I could handle it myself, I stumbled upon the Way to Korea Instagram account and studied everything for a very long time, as I was afraid to step on the same rake! But the information on the site and a personal call with Dmitry dispelled all my doubts and I immediately decided to trust WTK!
List of documents, selection and quick response from the university and much more. The WTK team was always in touch and helped with all my stupid requests! 14.08 - 21.09 The response from the university was received in a little more than a month! Despite the fact that I sent the documents only on September 13, and after that the invoice from the university was received in a week!
Often quick and open help. They even helped me figure out the location of the hostel, the university, showed everything on the map.
Tamaeva Kristina